Git Based Web Development

This workshop outlines the basic steps to take in order to have a fully functional git based web development infrastructure. Git has become the best version management system in the world, and as such it can be an excellent tool for maintaining your website code base. As a piece of software, git can be extremely complex and do many different things, like permitting thousands of people to simultaneously work on the same code base. However, web development usually does not require us to utilize git in this fashion. In this workshop, we'll focus on the git basics and how it can be used to efficiently and accurately manage your websites. If you're completely new to git I encourage you to visit which will give you a nice introduction to using the software.

NOTE: What follows assumes that you can use a terminal and that you are working on a Debian based operating system (debian, ubuntu, mint, etc). If you're using another system, you may need to modify some of the details.