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Programmatically Add Taxonomy Terms in Drupal 7

It took a while for me to figure this out, so I thought I would create a quick post to help anyone in the same situation.

What I needed to do was add taxonomy terms to selected nodes using Views Bulk Operations. It seemed like it would be easy coming from Drupal 6, but I found the list of possible operations lacking. I did not do research to find out how to add an operation, I decided to just "Execute arbitrary PHP script," the only operation that would let me deal with taxonomies.

Video Module and SWF Tools: The Nightmare After Settings

I stayed up till 5:30 this morning because the video and swftools developers are sadistic bastards. It seems unlikely that they could have implemented modules with more settings than these two modules together share and less likely still, that the two modules could have less of a seamless interaction. I shake my fist at their broad vision of video for everyone! As usual, part of the difficulty had to do with my ignorance, but I have no qualms blaming others for my stupidity. "Damn you developers!"

Taxonomies and D7 Confusion

It took a while, way too long as far as I'm concerned, to figure out how to use taxonomies in this new Drupal beast. Yes by default articles come with free tagging turned on, and maybe in my little brain somewhere that should have been an obvious sign. Brain too little apparently. So if you happen to be like me and find yourself wondering "How do I add taxonomies to a content type?" here's the sitch.

Drupal 7 - New things freak me out.

The initial install of Drupal 7 is quite similar, but the first thing I noticed,
when attempting to set up my database manually through settings.php, was the
change in the database structure. Drupal 7 has switched to using PDO as an
abstraction layer, db information goes into an array, like this.

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