Taxonomies and D7 Confusion

It took a while, way too long as far as I'm concerned, to figure out how to use taxonomies in this new Drupal beast. Yes by default articles come with free tagging turned on, and maybe in my little brain somewhere that should have been an obvious sign. Brain too little apparently. So if you happen to be like me and find yourself wondering "How do I add taxonomies to a content type?" here's the sitch.

The D7 developers, in what seems like a really great move, decided that taxonomies should always use the content structure, cck for us D6ophites. You will see if you go to /admin/structure/types/manage/article that tags are a field in the content type Article. If you want to add your own taxonomy, you will need to create the taxonomy then go to the content type and add it as a new field. Simple, right? Then why did it take me so long to figure out? Grrr!

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