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Build a linode from the command line

I recently had cause to create a number of linodes at the same time, and discovered the LinodeAPI. It's a pretty sweet api and allows you to do quite a few things. The attached python script uses the linode-python module to query linode and builds a debian wheezy server. There are some limitations to the script. The biggest limitation at the moment is that the disk sizes are hard coded. It's probable that you'd want to modify those sizes for any linode larger than the smallest plan.


Quick Solution: CSV File and Python

Today I was tasked with de-duping a csv file that had around 25,000 single entry rows of emails. There were numerous duplicates, and I needed a way to read the file, find out how many duplicates, and then rewrite the file without duplicate entries. I wanted to use python because I tire of php and have little to no experience with any other programming language. Maybe I should have chosen another language to complicate my life, but for time's sake, python became my goto language.

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